Registry key for DisableTrayIcon

Su Warren
Thu Feb 6 15:25:22 2003

Beau, thank you so much!

I've just tried deleting the registry key from HKLM\Software\Windows... etc
on my Win2k machines - and it seems to be working.

We're running a W98 / W2k network at the moment - I'm as yet unsure if I'll
need to install VNC on the W98 machines, or hold fire until I've upgraded
all of them to W2k. Is there a similar fix for W98? I've had the same
problem with the DisableTrayIcon not working on these, but the other key
isn't there to delete.

I'm happy to use the two extra keys you've suggested if they'll do the same
job for W98 & if there's no easier way.

Once again - many thanks for your help so far - I may not have to purchase a
wig to hide the areas I've been pulling hair from! ;-)


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Hi Su,

  Brian is correct, the registry keys he gave you will remove the icon from
the users view using those 2
versions of VNC.  There is another option as well if you're only worried
about the users being able to shutdown or change the properties of the view.
You can add the following 2 keys into the registry:

AllowProperties (DWORD)
AllowShutdown (DWORD)

Setting both of these keys to "0" will prevent users from editing the
properties or shutting down the service.
If you're running Win2k (and I assume NT and XP) you can simply delete out
the following key from your

WinVNC (REG_SZ)  "C:\Program Files\.........\winvnc.exe" -servicehelper

This will also stop the icon from showing up in any flavor of VNC you're
using.  It can work on the Win9x
platform as well, but if the user logs on to the system quickly, the icon
may still show up anyway.


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> Hi,
> > I'm trying to use the DisableTrayIcon key in the registry but am having
> problems with it. The documentation I've got (and everything I can find)
> tells me to set this as 1 - but the icon is still appearing.
> > I've got curious users who like to click on new icons and close any
> software they don't recognise - which is a bit of a problem! If I can get
> this key to work, maybe I can save a lot of headaches.
> > I've got it set as: DWORD, DisableTrayIcon, value 1.
> This is supposed to remove the icon - but it doesn't.
> > Am I doing something wrong? Or is there genuinely a problem with this
> setting? I've seen a couple of other posts on the list with the same
> problem but no answers (and these are dated last September so I know I'm a
> bit behind...).
> > Any help would be most appreciated.
> > Many thanks,
> > Su Warren
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