TightVNC v1.2.6: "Unable to open clipboard" message

Angus Macleod afmacleod@attbi.com
Wed Sep 11 18:20:01 2002

This is not a question, I am just reporting an incident with TightVNC v1.2.6.

I was using a WinXP Pro client to access a Win2k Server via Terminal Services
over a VPN connection. On the Win2k server I was running TightVNC 1.2.6 client
to access another Win2k machine that was running the TightVNC server v1.2.6.

I copied some characters from a file and got the message "Unable to open
clipboard". This did not surprise me given the way I was connecting, but then
TighVNC stopped responding - I got no further screen updates.

I started a new TightVNC client and reconnected successfully, although the old
view remained until I killed the process manually.

Note that after reconnecting I was able to paste the data that I copied in the
first place.

I have not been able to reproduce the problem (but I have not tried very hard


Angus Macleod.