automatic startup of vnc on DEC Alpha OSF1 Unix problem

Bonert Brigitte
Fri Nov 29 21:25:01 2002

Hi all:
I found this on the RealVNC mailing list. I want to do the same but in
DEC Alpha Unix. I copied the script and put it into the correct
place for Dec Alphas (it is really very much the same but some scripts
are in other directories).
Everything is just fine Xvnc is running after reboot, however it does not
run the xstartup script (it creates it just fine if it does not exist).
I have no window manager running etc ..
Specifying the full path for mwm and xterm (which I call in the xstartup
script) did not help.

I can start everything just fine if executing the startup script being
in root manually as well.
Note I have the same problem in tightvnc.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Please let me know