Administrator Account on WinXP with WinVNC 3.3.5

Federico Gentile
Fri Nov 29 18:35:01 2002

I'm new to the list and I have a little question.
WinVNC (3.3.5) runs very well as a service on my Win XP Pro System, with the
following settings in the Registry (Path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL\WinVNC3\Default): AllowProperties -> 0.
The only problem is, that I can't change the settings of WinVNC even as an
Administrator. When I try to open the config dialog it says that I don't
have Admin Privileges. When I want to edit the WinVNC settings I must always
first change the settings in the registry. Is there a possibility to fix
this bug? The Service Helper is started from the Startup Folder.

thanks and sorry for my bad English :)