Need Help with VNC on Windows XP with Remote Desktop Connection and User Switching ???

Sukru Kilic
Thu Nov 28 21:00:01 2002

I have windows xp running on my local pc  and would like to be able to use
VNC with the user switching feaure in windows xp.

i know that PcAnywhere's workaround to this is to disable the user
switching feature which is not really a solution for me.

when an xp user session is in a disconnected state, connecting to it with
vnc shows a blank screen. ???

is there a way around this?

i connect to my xp machine from work using Remote Desktop Connection which
works perfectly but i also want to have the option to use vnc with user
switching feature in xp.  Remote Desktop Connection has limitations that
VNC provides; like shared connection. this way i can use the java appplet
client to connect as well if i am somewhere else.

any ideas would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.