VNC without X?

Tristan Richardson
Thu Nov 28 09:41:01 2002

I think you should be able to run Xvnc with an X installation in a different
place simply by giving the right command line options.  I believe Xvnc only
depends on the fonts and the color database files (see the two commented out
lines in the vncserver script for you to specify these options).

Running X applications may be more tricky - it depends which apps you want
to run.  It may be that simply by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where you put
the X libraries will be enough.  If not then you could try compiling from
the X source tree - you'll have to change the ProjectRoot definition in the
configuration files in xc/config/cf

Hope this helps



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Subject: VNC without X?

> Hello,
> My intent was to run an X server on the remote host, and encapsulate its
> state using VNC. The end goal is to connect to the host from a local
> "workstation" and continue working where I last left off.
> I've done this many times before, but never with a remote host that has no
> software installed. The VNC+X Server, Xvnc, relies on things like Xserver,
> xauth and xlib, which arn't installed. I'm trying to find a workaround for
> this.
> The remote host in question is a Red Hat Linux machine. I do not have root
> privileges on it, so I cannot install the particular RPMs or software in
> /usr/local, etc. I have no physical access to the machine, so using a
> buffer is out of the question as well.
> I only have shell access and a home directory. Is it possible to find the
> appropriate binaries (things like xauth, xterm, ..) and libraries (xlib,
> and fonts and put them in a directory in my home directory, and set
> appropriate environment variables for X programs to see these files? If
> possible, is this practical? Are there alternatives?
> Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you soon.
> M.
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