Help: user shuts down VNC with "ctrl-alt-del"

Jerry McBride
Wed Nov 27 00:55:00 2002

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:52:27 -0500 Christopher Cecil <>

> How can I keep a user from shutting down the service using "ctrl-alt-del"
> ???
> I have VNC running on all of our win2000 machines at my office.  Everybody
> is aware that they can be controlled and monitored from my computer...but,
> as a precaution, I have disabled AllowShutdown, AllowEditProperties, and all
> that.  BUT, i have one user who has figured out you can hit "ctrl-alt-del"
> and  END the "winVNC.exe" process, which will shut down the VNC server.
> How can i keep this from happening?

Reprimand the user and if it happens again... a day off with no pay... etc....