New user here.

Michael Lamka
Fri Nov 22 21:55:00 2002

     Hello, I recently downloaded and installed VNC server on a windows NT 
4.0 that uses Winproxy to connect to the internet via a 28.8 modem.  I also 
have a VNC viewer at home on a win XP home edition pc connected to the net 
thru roadrunner service.

     My problem is that i can't connect to the server at work from home.  i 
keep getting the failed connection error everytime.  I've read a couple of 
the listings and found nothing to help me out including the getting started 
material on the realvnc website.  It would be greatly appreciated if anyone 
can help me out.  Thank you.

Michael D. Lamka
Widener-Reichard Design & Construction
Springfield, OH 45502
937.325.9991 - Office
937.325.9804 - Fax

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