WinVNC shows no UI if there is no "current user" (Win98)

William Hooper
Fri Nov 22 13:45:01 2002

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> There is a bug in WinVNC (Server) concerning the determination whether
> the server is running as a service or as an application which pops up
> under Win98.
> The results of the above described system configuration are 
> as follows:
> - WinVNC does NOT show a tray icon
> - WinVNC reads and stores its settings from the wrong registry keys

Have you tried running the "Service Helper" App?  It should take care of
the tray icon.

What do you consider "the wrong registry keys"?  

The main problem with running things as a service under Win98 is the
fact that it has very little concept of what a "service" is (as compared
to the WinNT family).

William Hooper