BUG: WinVNC shows no UI if there is no "current user" (Win98)

Claudia BlueCow claudia_bluecow@hotmail.com
Fri Nov 22 13:08:54 2002

There is a bug in WinVNC (Server) concerning the determination whether
the server is running as a service or as an application which pops up
under Win98.

If the Win98 network configuration does not contain a network client
and therefore does not contain any logon functionality (neither
a "Logon at client for MS networks" nor a "Logon at Windows") there
will be no current user logged on the system. My network configuration
consists of only two entries "Network Adapter XYZ" and the binding
of "TCP/IP to Network Adapter XYZ" and no network clients. Although the
Windows network applet complains about a missing network client, such a
configuration is a valid one and can be applied. It may be a little
unusual but it's the recommended network configuration of my ISP
(chello) and I like it very much because it's one of the simplest
network configurations I know.

For WinVNC (at least when running under Win98) this is a problem
because WinVNC uses the availability of a current user name to
determine whether it was started as a service or as an application. It
seems that WinVNC does not check explicitly whether it was started as a
service (when running under Win98) - it just queries for the current
user name and if there is none, it thinks that it was started as a

The results of the above described system configuration are as follows:
- WinVNC does NOT show a tray icon
- WinVNC reads and stores its settings from the wrong registry keys

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