Problem with VNC, Windows XP Home, and Startup

Victor Churchill
Fri Nov 22 11:10:00 2002

On Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 05:52:43PM -0900, Matthew Mahoney wrote:
> Hello,
> When restarting Windows XP, thier Firewall and Anti-virus software work 
> perfectly. However, the VNC server app icon wouldnt appear on the taskbar. I 
> Ctrl+alt+deleted and saw that winvnc.exe was running.

I can't speak for XP, but on NT there is a Programs->RealVNC->VNC
Server->Register VNC Server Service which I found made things work

> I found a something called "Administrative Tools" in the control panel, and 
> from there went to "Services" where I found the VNC server program. Services 
> is apperantly Windows XP's list of files/apps to load at startup. 

VNC Should be in there flagged as 'Automatic', ie starts at bootup.

> So I tried putting winvnc into the Startup folder.

That would make the /program/ run, but not as a 'service'.  See what
you get if you Register VNC Server as a service while you are logged
in as Administrator, then reboot.


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