Problem with VNC, Windows XP Home, and Startup

Matthew Mahoney
Fri Nov 22 02:57:00 2002


Firstly, please allow me to compliment you on this spectacular service you 
are providing. This program is awesome, powerfull, and easy to use all in 
one. Not to mention free :) I am impressed and gratefull.

My problem is this: This past week, I learned about RealVNC and installed it 
to my computers. I have two computers on Win98 connected to eachother and 
then to my Cable Broadband connection through a Linksys router. RealVNC has 
worked flawlessly and awesomely on this setup. So two days ago when my 
parent that live 2 miles away got thier Cable connection installed, I had an 

My parents are in thier 80's, and about 6 months ago they got thier first 
computer. As you can imagine, they are still in the process of mastering 
E-Mail and how to bring up and browse a web page. So, I installed RealVNC to 
thier computer, and was able to succesfully remote-control thier comp from 
my house. I was ecstatic, and tried it out with them immediatly. They loved 
it, and its the easiest way Ive found to teach them. However, upon 
restarting thier comp, an unforseen problem occured.

When restarting Windows XP, thier Firewall and Anti-virus software work 
perfectly. However, the VNC server app icon wouldnt appear on the taskbar. I 
Ctrl+alt+deleted and saw that winvnc.exe was running. Since I am unfamiliar 
with XP, I thought perhaps this was just how XP worked. I went home, and I 
couldnt connect.

Well, today I spent over 2 hours over there after work, and this is where I 

Ive uninstalled/reinstalled VNC multiple times without luck.

I found a something called "Administrative Tools" in the control panel, and 
from there went to "Services" where I found the VNC server program. Services 
is apperantly Windows XP's list of files/apps to load at startup. I played 
around with login settings in there, only got worse, so put those back to 
where they were. Then, I tried disabling VNC Server, so it wouldnt load 
automatically. That works, and now its better than before because now, 
although it wont load automatically, before you couldnt even load it 
manually because an error popped up saying the app was already running.

However, I would much prefer if I could get winvnc to auto-run at startup 
succesfully. Because the less my parents have to do on thier end the better. 
So I tried putting winvnc into the Startup folder. And that didnt work 
because apperantly winvnc needs its .dll files in the same folders.

So I put those in the startup folders, that causes two errors to popup with 
start because apperantly windows tried to run them like apps. So, by making 
the files hidden, the application icon appears on the taskbar now, and 
double-clicking opens up the options just like it should. However, when the 
program is run from Startup, I still cant remote-control it. However, if I 
close winvnc, and then reopen manually from the exact same place, it works 
for some reason.

All theories, thoughts, ideas, or help of any kind would be greatly 
appreciated. Please direct replies to:, and thanks! 

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