VNC seems to trigger CPU hog in DigiGuide 6.0

Phil Harman
Thu Nov 21 00:35:01 2002

I use the VNC (3.3.5) server in non-polling mode on my Win98se PC with 
x2vnc on my UNIX workstation. This allows me to control my PC from my 
UNIX machine's keyboard and mouse (either with two monitors or a monitor 

I also use Gipsymedia's DigiGuide ( for TV 
schedule information. I have recently upgraded this from DigiGuide 5.0 
to DigiGuide 6.0 ... it was then that I noticed poor performance 
whenever the DigiGuide window was open (no problem with it is minimised).

Using WinTop (available in the Win95 power tools from Micro$oft) I can 
see that whenever the DigiGuide 6.0 window is open (and nothing else is 
happening on my PC) the CLIENT01.EXE process consumes up to 95% of  my 
CPU, whilst WINVNC.EXE consumes around 3%. When the DigiGuide 6.0 window 
is minimised, CLIENT01.EXE drops to 0% and WINVNC.EXE to 0.1%.

When I disable the VNC server, the problem goes away.

Sounds like some whacky interaction between DigiGuide 6.0 and RealVNC 
(same problem with the old VNC 3.3.3). Any ideas?