connected once over the internet, but now I can't...

Glen Stromquist stromqgl@ALPAC.CA
Tue Nov 19 18:44:01 2002

I set up my moms PC with WinVnc on windows 2000, installed it as a service and set a password. She lives a long ways away so I wanted to ba able to log in to her PC when she's having problems. 

Last night I had her start W2K and I logged in thru the viewer from my home pc dialup - I connected right away but after I tried to set one of the options for slower networks it froze, her HP pavilion is prone to freeze ups so I left it at that and decided to try the next day from a T1 connection at work.

Well, I can ping the machine fine (she's on a cable hookup and has a static ip) but I still cant connect. As far as I know our firewall allows outgoing ip connections.

 Am I missing something here? I got her to shut down the service and restart it, I also ran a listening viewer and had her add me as a client, but still nothing.