VNC to a server behind a NAT router

Steve Bostedor
Tue Nov 19 15:58:01 2002

	You could set up a VPN or dial-up connection into the remote network.  Both are pretty easy on Windows 2000 servers.  If the router will allow you to publish a server behind the NAT, you can set up the Windows 2000 VPN services on an internal server and publish the ports through the router.  I have a couple of networks set up this way.  It is fairly good encryption and nice performance.  
	On a couple other networks, I use the services of to get access to an administrative workstation on the remote network, then use VNCScan from that workstation to manage the private computers.  I'm sure that others can share some of their clever ways around NAT addressing issues, too.

-Steve Bostedor

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From: Rafael Rubio []
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 10:25 AM
Subject: VNC to a server behind a NAT router

As many others, my configuration is a small LAN connected to the Internet
through an ADSL router that performs NAT, i.e. all the PC's have subnet IP
addresses (10.0.0.X), which means they cannot be accessed as such from a
remote VNC client through the Internet.

I know the public IP address of the router, but haven't found anything on how
to build an IP address for individual PC's in the LAN (the ones running VNC
servers) that can be addressed from a remote VNC client.

I also read the stories about DNS2GO, but it seems not to be applicable in
this configuration.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

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