VNC via SSH, SecureCRT

separuh nafasku
Tue Nov 19 05:51:32 2002

Hello All,

I have a Problem on setting up VNC connection via SSH.
I use secure CRT 3.4

My Laptop <---> SSH1 server <---> SSH2 server <---> My
remote machine.

I would like to have vnc connection from my laptop
(win2k) to my remote machine (Solaris 8).

Do you have a direction where can I find this
information ?. I tried some procedures without any

Below is my setup :

- I set my port forwarding on my secure CRT to SSH1
server, Local port 5920 and Remote 5920. I don't check
the destination host.

- In one procedure I have to enter below command in
the SSH1 server :

ssh -g -L 5920: im3ssg

im3ssg is the SSH2 server is my remote machine running vncserver
port 5901.

- When I started the VNC viewer with localhost:20 I
get broken connection of my securecrt. I attach the

I am sorry if this question was asked before. 



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