VNC loses connection through linksys firewall

Betsy Schwartz
Tue Nov 19 03:55:00 2002

I'm running WinVNC 3.3.3 R9, as a service,  on a Win2k SP 2 server.
My server is behind a Netgear RP614 router.

When I connect to my server from a Win2k laptop at work, the connection 
times out after about five minutes or so of idle time; the screen shows as 
frozen with the little square cursor and I have to open a new session. This 
happens with both VNC and TightVNC clients.

When I bring my laptop home and plug it in to the router, I can connect to 
my server with no time outs, so I'm thinking this is a router issue 
(although, I suppose it could be a cable internet issue also)

This has happened from two different jobs now with two different Win2k 
is there anything I can do to fix this? I'd like to keep my connection open 
when not in use.

thanks Betsy

PS I have the server set to Poll Console Windows Only and Poll Foreground 
Window, a combination that was preventing some weirdness using Putty to 
connect to HP (which I no longer need to do)