Accessing multiple VNC servers using only one SSH port?

William Hooper
Mon Nov 18 23:47:00 2002

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> At 04:39 PM 11/18/2002 -0500, William Hooper wrote:
> >You don't mention what operating systems are involved
> No, because I didn't think it was relevant. In my particular case, the
> machines can be any combination of Windows, Linux, and Solaris boxes that
> you want. Does that help?
Only relevant because different clients have different ways of telling SSH
which ports to forward.  For example it is pretty trivial to set up any
number of tunnels in PuTTY on Windows.  On Unix machines I believe you might
have to start multiple ssh clients (thought I'm not sure on that).

> >, but I believe
> >this is answered on the "Using VNC with SSH" page (
> > ) under "more advanced
> >use".  All communication over the Internet is handled by SSH port
> >forwarding.
>  From home or on the road with my laptop, I often need to get access to
> of several machines in my office, not just a terminal but the whole
> desktop. I may need to get at my workstation or a machine running
> tests or one of several servers. I don't know ahead of time exactly which
> of several machines I will need access to. There are several other
> developers in my office with the same need. What we all have to work with
> is a single SSH port that has been opened up in the firewall for remote

You define what server the final destination is via the client.  If you only
need one machine at a time just specify that one when you SSH in.  Or, as I
said, using PuTTY on Windows you can define a number of ports to tunnel all
at once, just repeat the concept of above with 3 end VNC servers.  As long
as you are tunneling through SSH only one port is used, no matter how many
tunnels you have defined.

William Hooper

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