Can't launch VNC viewer

Nick Mariani
Mon Nov 18 17:27:00 2002


We have an odd problem with the VNC viewer.  We have 3 machines running
Windows 2000 Advanced Server 5.00 (sp3) and can't seem to get the VNC viewer
to run on any of them.  No matter how many times you click the icon, create
another shortcut or reboot the server, you can't get the viewer program
(vncviewer.exe) to launch.  I event tried removing VNC entirely and
re-installing.  I installed the viewer on a Win98 box, and got it to work
just fine.  The server also launches and runs with no problem.

This is occurring on 3 separate Windows 2000 machines we have.  Does anyone
know what could be causing this behavior?

Nick Mariani
NectarTECH Services