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"Beerse, Corné" c.beerse@torex-hiscom.nl
Mon Nov 18 14:42:01 2002

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> From: Ananthi N [mailto:ananthi_n@rediffmail.com]
> please tell me ,is there any possibility to do the vnc in novell 
> netware.

Only if novell is configured to use tcp/ip, or if tcp/ip is also available.
Hence if you only have novell and no tcp/ip, it will most likely not work
since vnc uses tcp/ip.

btw: internet uses tcp/ip so if you can use other internet stuff (like
browsing internet) along the same network lines, good changes tcp/ip is
already running too and you can also use vnc.

Just try and you see.


(ps: thanks for not altering the maillist reply..)