vnc ip problem

Steve Bostedor
Sun Nov 17 14:32:01 2002

You could use something like VNCScan to scan a known range.

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Subject: vnc ip problem


   I  have encounter  some  problems  as our Lan is connected to Internet
   thru  a  gateway  (router).  It  means  there  is  no fix or static IP
   assigned to each PC. We will be able to find out the local Lan IP only
   thru  the IPconfig command, I am not sure there is any way to find out
   the  Global  IP  for each workstation. If I am not wrong, the software
   will   need   the   exact   global   IP  for  other  far  side  PC  to
   communicate thru  the  internet. Please  advises or do help me to find
   out more to solve the issue.

   Thanks for your kindly helps.

   Best regards,

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