Disabled window issue using 3.3.5 w/ XP Server & 98 viewer

Gary Sieker gsieker@mail.com
Fri Nov 15 23:11:01 2002

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From: "James ''Wez'' Weatherall" <jnw22@cam.ac.uk>
Date: 15 Nov 2002 19:31:21 +0000

> Does the pointer move on the remote PC when the application windows have
> locked up?  Do all application windows lock up?  Just to clarify - do
> you get the lock-up even when the server is running on NT/2K/XP?
> It shouldn't be anything to do with different versions of VNC.  It could
> be some interaction between VNC's hooks and some other unusual
> application that those systems are running, but I've never heard of such
> a thing affecting all running apps.


Yes, the pointer still moves when a particular window locks. And, yes,
this happens with any app window that I have tried, including opening
the properties window of an icon - it behaves the same way, it starts out
with a blue title bar when first opened, but then, if you click anywhere
in or on the window, the title bar goes grey and it is non-functional.
Actually it is the exact reverse of normal behaviour, as if the system
thought you clicked out of the window, instead of into it.  The other
thing it reminds me of, is when a window becomes inactive because there
is another window tied to the app that needd attention before it will let
you click into the main window again.

One other thing that I noticed this last time, the Start button and
task bar are also both non-responsive, only items on the desktop seem to
respond. I can also still right-click on the desktop itself.

As for your NT/2K/XP server question, that's where the initial problem
was noticed: On an XP server, but only if viewed by a 98 client.  If the
same XP server was viewed by another XP or NT client, it seemed fine.

This last time, when the same thing happened between my PCs at home &
work was the first time I've seen this problem on a non-XP server. In
this last case, the client is a 98se and the server is a 98.

Finally, since yesterday, I have rebooted both my home & work PCs, and
now that connection is working again.  I was able to reproduce the other
one with the customer XP servers everytime I connected from my 98 though.

Let me know if you need more info (or testing),


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