A few questions.

Alexandre Chevrier alexchevrier@sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 15 20:14:00 2002

Hi, Im a computer technician at the Commisssion scolaire de la Vallie
des Tisserands and Im testing your software to implant it in our
computer labs.  I disabled a few thing on the students computer so
theyre not allowed to close the server (altough CTRL + ALT + DEL will
close it) and not allowed to add/remove clients.  Ive put the Run
Listening VNC Viewer in the startup folder so the teacher will be able
to take all the computers in his lab for a demonstration (with a batch
Ive not made yet).

This is about what I have done yet, my questions are:

-          How do I start automatically the Run Listening VNC Viewer
program without putting it in the startup folder (like the server

-          When the teacher adds clients, I would like the students to
view his screen in full-screen, no window (no X in the corner).  Kind
of like if the teacher was the boss and the student wouldnt be able to
play games or go on the internet while hes explaining something (and
more important, not close his desktop).

-          Last, his it possible to simply disable the keyboard of the
clients when the teacher is showing something to the hole lab, Ive read
its only available under NT, 2000, XP, but will it be under 98 someday