Windows 2000 Standby

Glenn Lovitz
Fri Nov 15 19:04:00 2002

The only way I know of to deal with this is having a WOL (wake-on-lan)
enabled nic (and bios for x86 OS's) and you must know the machines mac
address (e.g., aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff) and IP Address.

I use 2 methods that send magic packets AND allow port selection -- use
links to free code/programs:

1) Perl script for *nix -
(check the "mini-HOWTO" for lots of good links and information.

2) Program for Win32 - (their arpviewer can
be very handy as well)

There are lots of programs that do WOL and most are intended to work within
a lan. The port option is important if you need to use this across the
internet or diverse networks and through firewalls/nat routers.

You may have a case where the remote machine can only be reached via VNC
port 5900 or SSH port 22.  You would use these WOL utilities to send magic
packets to that single available port which gets that machines nic to wake
or boot it's host.  I use this to start PC's on my home network from work
that are either sleeping or completely shut down.  I can then VNC to the
desktop, do what I need to do, and put the machine back to standby or shut
down as required.

Glenn Lovitz

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> I see from other postings that there is an issue connecting to VNC
> server running on Windows 2000 when the computer has gone
> into standby
> mode.  I have the same problem.  As soon as the computer goes into
> standby the problem presents.  Even an existing VNC connection is not
> disconnected, but the computer no longer responds to any
> input from the
> viewer.  The display, as described by others, shows only
> mouse pointer
> trails.
> I have tried all the remote commands that the viewer can muster.
>  Nothing will take the computer out of standby except a
> physical stroke
> on the computer's keyboard.
> Is there any way to take a Win2K computer out of standby from
> the Viewer?
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