ANNOUNCE: List Reply-To change

Fri Nov 15 17:31:41 2002

On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 11:30:02AM +0100, "Beerse, Corni" wrote:
> Is it already changed, did you a reply to all or something else phony?
You can answer that by looking at the headers of the mail.
I do not reply to a list with 'r' ever, I always reply to all. If I were
to try  to figure  out which  list does munging  and which  one doesn't,
that's be very  confusing to change my reply  habits accordingly.  
Reply should  always go to the  author of the Email  (only). I get upset
when a  list tries to hijack  a personal reply  and sent it to  the list
(which is what reply-to does), so I have my system ignore it for lists.
> > Please, before anyone continues to argue, go read:
> >
> Do you have more of those documents? It starts with "The content within this
> document is not necessarily up-to-date. Please watch for an updated version
> of this document to appear in coming weeks. (2002-05-18)". I regard it is
> now way beyond the comming weeks after 18 may 2002 (25 weeks ago...)
Please  ignore that. The  reasons  for  the above  message  are not  too
relevant to the content and would bore people.
For that  matter, I  promised I  would not spam  the list  about endless
discussions  on this,  so  I won't,  sorry but  I'll  skip arguing  your
points, trust me it could have gone back and forth a while.
(but  if  you wanted  to  Email  me  and continue  privately,  honestly,
outside of technical  questions on removing dupes for  instance, I'm not
interested: you may be debating this for the first time, but on my side,
I've lost  count, and I've  seem this  debate and participated  here and
there for more than 5 years now...)
> I like to add here, in the current world of mail spam, I don't like my email
> address to be send to everyone on every list. If it is possible I'd like my
> address stripped from the header if it goes trough a maillist. It would at
> least be nice if it is an option.
If you get  Cced on an answer, it's typically  because you posted first,
so you've already been harvested. moot point.
(that  said,  mailman  2.1  beta  can remove  you  from  the  Cc  before
rebroadcasting the mail to the list, but that's only to avoid an endless
growing Cc list, not for spam reasons)
> > With this version of mailman it  means the sender may get two copies
> > of  the  answer,  but  there  are some  ways  to  solve  this  minor
> > inconvenience (see  the URL  above) and a  mailman upgrade  can take
> > care of that too.
> All  involving mangling  the  subscription list  on  a per-mail  base,
> resulting in loss  of messages, mainly to  addresses directly involved
> in the discussion taking place. Hence better not do such things.
No. The options are:
1) you remove dupe messages by Message Id on your side
2) the list sees you are already Cced and doesn't send you the list copy 
   (mailman 2.1 beta does that)
> I know situations where it is not allowed (and in the system restricted) to
> send messages to just anyone on the internet. Target addresses of mail

In 8 years of being a sysadmin, I've never ever seen or heard of that.
Not to say it can't exist, but it surely isn't widespread.
(and just to say I have a  little experience with mailing lists and that
at least I know the  technicalities behind this discussion, I've admined
25,000 lists  with about  300,000 subscribers,  and contributed  code to

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