Unable to connect again after changing passwords

Kroll, David DavidK@2networkit.com
Fri Nov 15 11:57:17 2002

Take a look in the hkey users hive.  You'll find per user setting stored


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Subject: Unable to connect again after changing passwords

We use VNC here at work 90% of the times. However, there are times when we
install VNC on a user's workstation, and then later change the password for
whatever reason, we are unable to connect to it ever again.

We have tried uninstalling VNC, reinstalling VNC overtop of the existing
install, tried deleting the password from the registry and even made the
users part of the administrators group and tried to make VNC work on their

This is more prevalent on Windows NT4 systems, and has only ever happened
once on our Windows 2000 systems.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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