Unable to connect again after changing passwords

Bob Hartung bhartung@wiscoind.com
Thu Nov 14 23:48:01 2002

There are 2 places in the registry that VNC stores a password...


    "Password"=hex:12,6e,aa,1d,94,db,5a, ea


    "Password"=hex:12,6e,aa,1d,94,db,5a, ea

Ibrahim Butt wrote:

>We use VNC here at work 90% of the times. However, there are times when we
>install VNC on a user's workstation, and then later change the password for
>whatever reason, we are unable to connect to it ever again.
>We have tried uninstalling VNC, reinstalling VNC overtop of the existing
>install, tried deleting the password from the registry and even made the
>users part of the administrators group and tried to make VNC work on their
>This is more prevalent on Windows NT4 systems, and has only ever happened
>once on our Windows 2000 systems.
>Anyone have any suggestions?
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