Displayrate in x0rfbserver

"Beerse, Corné" c.beerse@torex-hiscom.nl
Thu Nov 14 17:03:00 2002

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> From: jay chandra [mailto:jc9978@india.com]
> 1)how are the web camera's transmitting display at the rate of 30fps?

Not with the vnc protocol...
Most camara's use mpeg or mjpeg or variants, all in hardware encoding.
Software driven example: Pentium III processor, 500 MHz, 500MByte memory.
Recoding pal video data (25 fps, 300x400 pixels) from mjpeg to mpeg takes
about 4 to 8 times the duration of the video.

> 2)how do we implement mpeg standards?

I don't know if vnc will ever do mpeg (however, it can have it's advantages
if properly tweaked).

Start searching at (for example) http://www.mpeg.org/.

> 3)is any software/tool available for video transmission 
> following mpeg standards?

Lots, most commercial, some free/gpl/gnu licensed. See the above link (and
many others)