ANNOUNCE: List Reply-To change

E.R.Kooi E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL
Thu Nov 14 16:41:11 2002

As far as I am concerned I consider it a bad idea. Now, I am afraid, I will
not see the solutions to problems raised, because you will have to change
the reply address before sending the message.
Fr. gr. Eppo R. Kooi.

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van:
> []Namens James ''Wez'' Weatherall
> Verzonden: donderdag 14-nov-02 13:01
> This weekend, the behaviour of the VNC mailing list will change so that
> messages from the list have their Reply-To field set to the original
> poster.
> We've had a good long think about this, and while there are downsides,
> there are also definite up-sides, not least avoiding vacation message
> loops such as last week's fiasco...