Linux2Windows: fail to open display... (was: RE: (no subject)

"Beerse, Corn¨¦"
Thu Nov 14 13:48:01 2002

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> vnc-listMaybe I'm asking a very stupid problem, but it annoy 
> me many times!

No subjects (even stating so) annoys me...

> I install vncserver in Linux (Redhat 7.3) on one machine, and 
> I install vncviewer in win2000 on another machine.
> At first, I can use vncviewer succefully.  but used for 
> several times, I can't any way.

You cannot open the vnc session (connect from vncviewer to vncserver) ???

> In Linux, vncserver is running correctly.
> 15/11/02 19:32:10 Desktop name 'X' (FOX:1)
> 15/11/02 19:32:10 Protocol version supported 3.3
> 15/11/02 19:32:10 Listening for VNC connections on TCP port 5901
> 15/11/02 19:32:10 Listening for HTTP connections on TCP port 5801
> 15/11/02 19:32:10   URL http://FOX:5801
> but in win2000, I always failed to connect server. when 
> running xterm, it prompt " fail open display".

This is not between vncviewer and vncserver but from unix to vncserver/Xvnc.
Try adding the "-ac" option to vncserver or Xvnc.

Then if you start Xterm, give it the proper display value, either with the
environment variable $DISPLAY or with the -display option: `xterm -display

> Had read former message, I attempt to "export 
> DISPLAY=localhost:0" but still it don't work.

What shell do you use? csh like shells (csh, tcsh) have a total different
syntax to set environment variables: `setenv DISPLAY FOX:1`. Older shells
don't implicitly set and export variables. The syntax here is 2 commands:
`set DISPLAY=FOX:1 ; export DISPLAY`.

> So, I don't know what to do. Any Suggestion?
setup as on