Displayrate in x0rfbserver

"Beerse, Corné" c.beerse@torex-hiscom.nl
Thu Nov 14 11:35:01 2002

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> From: jay chandra [mailto:jc9978@india.com]
> 1)if i can accomodate 1Gbps network bandwidth
> and the processing speed of the machine where the server is 
> running is 996MHz
> and the Main memory size is 510Mbytes which is supported by 
> VGA graphic board
> and the client machine also has similar configuration
> then how can i increase the display rate to 25/30 fps?

Don't forget the internal bandwidth between video memory and core memory.
Not the burst-rate available but the continue bandwitdth. Remember, the
video showing on the console goes from core-mem to video-mem. Then Xvnc
grabs it from video-mem and handles it in core-mem. Hence it passes the
entire path twice. Then, most likely, the video stream comes from disk hence
a 3rd pass over the cpu-data-bus.... Thinking of this, the Xvnc might be
able to blast(?) a better frame rate since it does not move it back and
forth to the video-board.

btw: the CPU clockrate is no identification of the processor speed if you
don't specify the processor. Video processors can do a lot with that
frequency, risc-processors at that speed can also do a little less and cisc
processors even less.

> 2)Why is minimun of 1000ms delay is mentioned in Update 
> properties of server?

I think it is in processing time.