WinVNC 3.3.5 Service Helper drops the connection

Thu Nov 14 07:04:01 2002


You are right, the PortNumber value on the user's registry hive was different 
from the system wide value. After adjust it's  working  now as expected, with
service helper enabled at logon.

Thank you very much for your help.

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El 13 Nov 2002 a las 12:57, James ''Wez'' Weatherall escribis:

> If you find that the WinVNC server kicks you off and doesn't accept
> further connections when you log in over a VNC connection, the most
> likely cause is that your User Properties (for the user you're logging
> in as) have the Accept Incoming Connections tickbox disabled, or a
> different Display Number or Auto Display Number Select tickbox setting.
> If the port used for incoming connections has to be closed or changed,
> then limitations in Microsoft's TCP stack force all existing connections
> through that port to be closed.  Setting the User Properties to match
> the Default Properties in these values will fix the problem.
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