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Conrad WC. Ferreira
Thu Nov 14 06:22:01 2002


Remove this value:

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Sent: 14 November 2002 06:35 AM
Subject: RE: Re[2]: Hide VNC icon

I am using Windows 2000 pro and VNC 3.3.5 and I've tried everything
including rebooting with every step.

Frederick A. Kelner, Ed.D.
536 Scott Rd
Gladwyne, PA 19035

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Hello Frederick,

Wednesday, November 13, 2002, 3:24:58 AM, you wrote:

DFAK> Graham,
DFAK> I followed your instructions but I don't seem able to get rid of
DFAK> icon on the machine that I am viewing. Any suggestions?

What OS are you running? Try uninstalling VNC (first removing VNC as a
service)  and  reinstalling  it (after a reboot). What Distribution of
VNC are you using?

Best regards,
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