SSH woes

Timothy J. Warren
Wed Nov 13 22:59:00 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 11:24, wrote:
> On client config: forward port 5900 ( correct port for my setup
> at home ).

When you say you "forward port 5900", what do you mean?'s
website doesn't make it clear whether this is a GUI or CLI client.  If
it's a CLI, can you give the command line you're using?  (ie, ssh -C

> On work pc ( SSH client ), connect to localhost:0, but i never get the
> password prompt back from home machine ( SSH server ). No
> errors, no time outs, nothin.... just dead air.

Are you able to forward other ports successfully?  

What happens when you telnet to localhost:5900?  Do you get a

What happens if you forward port 5800 (Java client)?  Can you telnet to

If you're able to telnet to the ports, try turning debugging on (don't
know your client, but CLI would be -v (two of them increases debugging
level, -v -v)).  Example: ssh -v -v -C -L5900:localhost:5900

> Anyone got a clue? + advice on a useable free SSH server
> for windows..  ( off list replies are ok to keep the static down )

I use either Network Simplicity's OpenSSH implementation
( or Cygwin (


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