Weird Behaviour in Local Loop connection in Win XP Pro

Wed Nov 13 04:57:00 2002

Ah, ok! I realise now! I was being stupid!
Ah well! You live n learn!

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Well, point remains. What do you expect when you vnc to yourself? You'll
see a vnc window, with a vnc session, which has a vnc window looking at
itself, ad infinitum, limited by system resources. This is expected
behaviour. wrote:
>Sorry, Meant to say! I'm using RealVNC v3.3.5 for windows on Windows XP

>Pro and the system I normally use the viewer on is a Win95 laptop. Only

>reason I wanted to use the loopback is to play with things because 
>making changes on the actualy laptop would be about one change a day 
>because it's at work! It's purely all being setup so I can access my 
>home PC from work when needed
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>> When I alter the registry to allow local loop connections and then 
>> open a local connection in the viewer, it acts weird. It continually 
>> displays the VNC window inside itself until it fills the screen! 
>> Something like viewing a mirror in a mirror, it goes on forever! No 
>> matter what options I select for viewing/polling have cured this! I 
>> hope someone can help The reason I'm testing via local loop is to 
>> fully understand the best setup for VNC server on my system so it is 
>> viewed correctly via VNC viewer. My PC runs on a 1mb cable
>> connection and I connect to it via VNC viewer across a dialup
>> connection at my work. Regards, Graham
>I assume you are using the MS Windows version of VNC.  VNC on the 
>Windows platform is designed to show you what the console desktop looks

>like.  What do you expect a VNC windows showing itself repeatedly to 
>look like?
>I don't understand how you expect to "understand the best setup for VNC

>server" by using a loopback connection.  Even if it did work 
>differently (for example, different desktops in Linux) you would be 
>comparing a virtual, basically unlimited bandwidth connection to a 
>56kbps modem.  It would be better to just try a setting over the modem 
>and see how it worked, then make changes and try again.  Also look at 
>the "Auto" option in VNC 3.3.5.
>William Hooper
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