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William Hooper
Tue Nov 12 20:48:00 2002

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> Ok In PcAnywhere you have to set the system in the Stinksys 
> DMZ, Is this the same for VNC?? IT seems like it uses the 
> port forwarding instead. I still can not get the connection 
> to work. It works on my VPN being of the same LAN. Just not 
> DSL to DSL. I'm sure I have the ports forwarded correctly. 
> -> I run the viewer - 
> (Because I believe I set it 0 instead of
> default)
> No connection.
> Via VPN I just type in the VPN Ip and its in. NO Router 
> configs needed?

You can put the VNC system in the DMZ and it should work.  The problem
is that you are opening all your ports up to the Internet when you do
that.  There are a number of people that have gotten PcAnywhere and VNC
to work without having to resort to the DMZ.

VPN creates a Virtual Private Network over one port, so basically all of
your ports are open to the remote network, kind of like the DMZ.

Does the Linksys have any logging so that you can see if it is dropping
any packets?  Once again, can you ping the address?  Did
you try any of the suggestions in my last e-mail?

William Hooper