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Isaac McCartney
Tue Nov 12 18:57:00 2002

Ok In PcAnywhere you have to set the system in the Stinksys DMZ, Is this the
same for VNC?? IT seems like it uses the port forwarding instead.
I still can not get the connection to work. It works on my VPN being of the
same LAN. Just not DSL to DSL.
I'm sure I have the ports forwarded correctly. ->
I run the viewer - (Because I believe I set it 0 instead of
No connection.
Via VPN I just type in the VPN Ip and its in. NO Router configs needed?

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> Ok makes Sense. Same deal though. Which is my other comp.
> Failed to connect to server. I must be missing something.
> "So you mean:
> ->
> ->"
> Yes
> I type in the Viewer . does it make a difference if the
> viewer is on a router that I have not set up?? I do not have Access to Pac
> Bells router for the viewer side. Only MY lan side??

Does this imply that you have the first computer ( working?
If so double-check:

1) Port forwarding
2) That the VNC server on is listening on display 1
3) That your IP address hasn't changed since you go the ""

As far as the viewer is concerned, as long as you are not behind a firewall
that blocks outgoing connections you shouldn't have to worry about it.

William Hooper

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