VNC helpdesk situation

Gary Sieker
Tue Nov 12 16:53:56 2002

>Hi all
>Thank you for all the responses. Maybe I was not so clear earlier on. I 
>apologise, I'll try to be more exact this time to get the right help. Many 
>Thanks again......
>We are trying to use VNC for a helpdesk situation and would appreciate some 
>help. Here goes...
>1. End user runs VNC server on his PC. 
>2. VNC server prompts end user for password. End user keys in password.
>3. Login password is verified against NT domain login password or 
>   MS network login password. If password is correct VNC server fires up.
>4. After VNC server is running, it would be on listening mode for 
>5. Helpdesk personnel runs viewer to connect to end user server via 
>   IP address of server PC.
>6. In a standard way, VNC server would prompt viewer PC for login password. We 
>want to elliminate this step. ie the VNC server would allow viewer PC to 
>connect to the server PC without any checks of password. That means the 
>helpdesk personnel on the viewer pc need not know the end user login password.  
> IS this possible?
>How can this be done?
>Many thanks in advanced for any help.......   :)


Based on your revised description of what you want, it
sounds like the server PC user, the one needing the help, will
always be active in initiating the connection to the help desk.

If this is true, there is another approach that may work well
for you.  It's a reverse connection that allows the server to
connect to a listening viewer.  It works well for help-desk
situations when the person that needs help is the one you want
to initiate the connection.  It also has the additional benefit
of neither side needing to know a password and the only thing
that the helpdesk person needs to know is their own IP (or
network accessible machine name).

To do this, you would need to:
- Install server on all user PCs that may need helpdesk support.
(password should be set up for security, but will not be used)
- Install vncviewer on support personnel PCs and run in 'listen'

This way, when a user calls with a problem, the support person
tells the user to connect their vnc server to 'support1' and
the connection is made.  No passwords needed and only the
helpdesk IP (or network name) needs to be known.



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