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Terry_Houchins/ Terry_Houchins/
Tue Nov 12 15:30:01 2002

We use RealVNC also for our HelpDesk.
But we use it backwards compared to everyone else it seems.
We install the VNC server on the user's workstation and on the Admin
workstation we map to the VNCVIEWER executable.
When a user calls us with a problem we execute our VNCVIEWER and enter the
PC NAME and admin password to connect to their workstation.

The only problems we keep have, is having to refresh the screen all the
time on some Win98 workstations

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Hi all

We are trying to use VNC for a helpdesk situation and would appreciate some

help. Here goes...

1. End user runs VNC server.
2. VNC server prompt for password.
3. Login password is verified against NT domain login password or
   MS network login password
4. After server is ran, helpdesk personnel runs viewer to connect to
   end user server via IP address of server.
5. Connection is allowed by passing checking of password.

How can this be done?

Many thanks in advanced for any help.......   :)

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