VNC to texture
Tue Nov 12 11:45:12 2002

Hi list!

I am new to VNC, and have a question for using VNC inside an application.

The application is an OpenGL program, and I would like to display the
desktop of a computer as a 2D texture in a 3D environment.

Now I have some bitmap-files for displaying static screendump from a
desktop, but I would like the texture/bitmap to be real-time - reflecting
what is actually being displayed on the desktop.

I had a suggestion from someone that I could use VNC to write each pixel of
the screen to a texture (in memory?), and than display this as a regular
texture/bitmap-file in OpenGL. How to do this, is another item to be

Do you think this is possible? Or do I need to solve it another way!

Torbjxrn Engedal

Corporate Research Center