Caps Lock On/Off?
Mon Nov 11 17:05:01 2002

I just noticed something when controlling a users PC, I was entering the password, in what I thought was lowercase, as my caps lock was
off, and it wouldn't accept it, I spend ages trying to see what was wrong, I decided to try with my caps lock on, and it worked.
Only when I was typing a message to the user in notepad, did I notice that when my caps lock was off, it was printing capitals, and
when mine was on it was lowercase. I physically went to the PC, and her caps lock was on, when I turned mine on, hers turned off.
It seems if you connect, and the host machine has caps lock on, and you don't, it takes the host settings, then if you turn yours on,
it turns the hosts off!
Is it meant to do this, or is it a bug?