Freezing displays

Michael Salem
Mon Nov 11 15:03:01 2002

Steve wrote:

> I run VNC 3.3.4 server and send the display out to approximately 8
> clients on a 2000 Professional peer to peer network.  Two of the
> clients freeze their displays (one of them quite frequently).  I need
> to track down the problem, but I don't know where to look.  I have
> replaced the various hardware components of the most troublesome
> machine (except the motherboard), to no effect.  Any suggestions?

There have been a few questions of this nature (some from me) but 
very few answers. I have found that this happens on one Win98 machine 
(but not another), regardless of client version (see previous 
postings). It might help to list all features of the problem machines 
that differs from the working ones (NIC make and driver version, CPU, 
chipset, display card and driber, and anything else). If several 
people do this, we may find a common factor?

Best wishes,
Michael Salem