realvnc 3.3.5 still cannot read/display xmms playlist font in VNC

Jeff Walter
Mon Nov 11 08:59:02 2002

Marc MERLIN wrote:
> Thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay, I wanted to try
> different things before getting back to you.

That's cool Marc; I've been really busy with work lately, so it would have
taken a while for me to reply also.

> Well, here's what I tried:
> - I upgraded to realvnc 3.3.5, which fixed some color issues I had with
>   tightvnc
> - I tried: vncviewer, xvncviewer (tightvnc), the java viewer, and
> They all give me this:

This screenshot looks like the last.

> The fonts are garbled in the playlist
> To make sure it was nothing wrong with fonts on my remote machine, I
> even tried to run the vncserver on the same machine where I usually run
> xmms, and doing that "loopback" vnc session gave me the same results.
> Any other clues?

    Well, if the problem is not with the viewer, then there are two
possibilities left: vncserver and xmms.  But I think we can push vncserver
to the side for now, seeing how you upgraded to 3.3.5.  So for the most part
that leaves xmms.  Have you considered dumping xmms and re-installing it?
I've tried to recreate your problem, but failed.  So that leaves me guessing
in the dark using a LASER pointer for a flashlight.

    Jeff Walter