realvnc 3.3.5 still cannot read/display xmms playlist font in VNC

Mon Nov 11 08:26:01 2002

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay, I wanted to try
different things before getting back to you.
On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 01:17:36AM -0700, Jeff Walter wrote:
>     I've been running xmms over VNC for my audio needs from the last week.
> Yes, I know, the last week.  Well, I've yet to see any problem like this.
> I'm running RH 7.3 with vnc-3.3.3r2-28.  My viewer is VNCViewer 3.3.4 Win32.
>     I can't really think of any reason why VNC would garble xmms's fonts
> other than that vncserver is having some kind of issue reading xmms.  Have
> you tried connecting to the server from other clients?

Well, here's what I tried:
- I upgraded to realvnc 3.3.5, which fixed some color issues I had with
- I tried: vncviewer, xvncviewer (tightvnc), the java viewer, and xrfbviewer

They all give me this:

The fonts are garbled in the playlist

To make sure it was nothing wrong with fonts on my remote machine, I
even tried to run the vncserver on the same machine where I usually run
xmms, and doing that "loopback" vnc session gave me the same results.

Any other clues?

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