Windows VNC - highlighting/selecting text

Harry Henderson
Sun Nov 10 15:36:01 2002

Hello Nigel,

I wish I could help but my linux box here at home cannot access my Windows 
with the VNC server running at work because of the firewall.  I never ran 
server version 3.3.4.  I jumped from 3.3.3 (neither shift-arrows nor mouse 
wheel worked) to 3.3.5 (both shift-arrows and mouse wheel work) but this 
was all Windows -> Windows.  I have done a little of Windows -> Linux, but 
have never tried Linux -> Windows.

You might try reposting your question with a different subject as some may 
not be looking at this thread anymore since it was sort of a solved issue.


At 07:15 PM 11/9/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>I have a similar problem, I use WinVnc server on a Win 98se and access it 
>a Linux box using either x2vnc or the unix vncviewer (if I need to take
>screen shots).
>Using WinVnc server 3.3.4 and prior, Shift+Arrow, Shift+PgUp, Shift+End etc
>all worked as expected.  The Mouse wheel didn't.
>Using WinVnc 3.3.5, mouse wheel works, but Shift+... doesn't. (Including
>Shift+Click and Shift+Drag).
>I had a brief look at the source, but vnckeymap.cpp seems to have been 
>re-written, and I'm not game to touch it.
>As a result, I've gone back to 3.3.4, but I would *REALLY* like a working
>mouse wheel.
>         Nigel Rowe
>At 09:09 PM 2002-11-06, "Harry Henderson" <>  wrote:
> >I sent the below question about a few days ago and didn't get a single
> >response.  Was hoping someone might catch it and have a few ideas this
> >time around.  Thanks.
> >
> >>I am using the Windows VNC server (Win2k, v3.3.3r9) and a Windows client
> >>(Win98 SE).
> >>
> >>When regularly using Windows (no VNC) a common way to highlight/select
> >>text to copy to the clipboard using the keyboard is by holding shift and
> >>using the arrow keys to select a few characters or a few lines, etc.
> >>
> >>While shift works through VNC to make a letter upper-case as well as for
> >>every other purpose I have seen, it does not function in this way to
> >>highlight text.
> >>
> >>Has anyone else noticed this behavior, and is there a way to enable it so
> >>that I can use shift to highlight text?  If not, is there any other way
> >>to highlight text in a similar fashion without using the mouse?
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>Harry
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