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William Hooper
Sat Nov 9 03:31:04 2002

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> No I have neither comp working.
> Im sure I have the porst done right.
> 1) Port forwarding =YES
> 2) That the VNC server on is listening on display 1=YES
> 3) That your IP address hasn't changed since you go the ""
> number +YES
> As far as the viewer is concerned, as long as you are not behind a
> that blocks outgoing connections you shouldn't have to worry about it.  SO
> The return path should be ok?

As I said, as long as there isn't a firewall blocking your outgoing.  Here
is some ASCII art from your first description:

Work--?--Internet--Linksys( servers)

Is this correct?  Not sure where the PacBell Router you mentioned is.  If
the "?" blocks outgoing connections on unknown ports (or is a proxy server
only set up for web browsing, for example) you might have a problem.  Can
you ping the address?

>From your home machine you can try going to and
triple check that your VNC servers are visible.  It would probably be a good
test to use a different PC connected directly to the Internet (for example a
friend's dial-up or cable modem, etc.) so that the "?" above can be
eliminated from the equation.  If you can get to your VNC servers from a
different dial-up PC then you will have to talk to the admin of the "?" and
get it reconfigured.

William Hooper

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