resize server window

William Hooper
Fri Nov 8 18:35:52 2002

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> Subject: resize server window
> Hi,
> I just have installed vnc 3.3.5 on two Windows XP machines. 
> As far as I
> saw from my trials on the server side there is no way to 
> select a single
> application, but only the whole desktop for sharing with the 
> client. Is
> that correct ?


> My second question is: is there a way to scale the server desktop ? -
> searching the internet gave some hints to another version 
> called .-SSS.
> Is this version available for windows as application or as 
> source only -
> where can I find it ?
> Thanks
> Reinhard Eisberg

There is an option in the viewer to scale the display.  The -SSS was an
extention to VNC to have the server to the scaling instead of the viewer
(I believe it was for Palm clients) and is based on an early 3.3.3
release if I recall correctly.  I'm not sure what the difference would
be, but you can try the client's scaling first to see if it does what
you want.

William Hooper