VNC on Headless W2K systems

"Beerse, Corné"
Fri Nov 8 08:21:01 2002

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> From: Seong Hoon Kim []
> I have found your question on the realvnc website.
> I want to do the exact same thing as you tried to, i.e
> making VNC work with my W2K headless systems.

??? What question are you refering to? I'm on the list for a long time
(under several email-addresses due to job changes)

> Do you have any solution for this yet ?
> I absolutely need to stick to the headless systems.

What I have here is some headless unix systems (linux,hpux,sco) and a W2K
desktop. The unix systems are headless (they do have a
text-terminal-console). I use the setup as on to access them.

Where none-PC-based hardware is involved, the console is on a serial
connection. PC-based hardware has a text console like MS-DOS based systems

One exception, the Compaq based servers have a compaq RIB card. See the
compaq website for details. It offers a vnc-like service, however, much (10,
20) times slower due to the horible screen update. (and at an incredible

If you need headless, pc-based, M$windows-operated systems, you can use the
RIB card but then still use vnc for a convenient connection.

If you have more questions, better ask the vnc list
( then you will have more (better?) answers.