Windows VNC - highlighting/selecting text

Harry Henderson
Fri Nov 8 02:58:00 2002

Yes, I tested it, using shift to select text with the keyboard does in fact 
work as advertised now in server version 3.3.5.  :)

At 07:21 AM 11/7/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Attn:  Coexec, William Hooper, Michael Milette, Greg Breland, Andy Harter,
>Thank you all for your helpful responses.  It is good to see that I wasn't 
>the only one with this problem.
>Coexec - Good call, I intend to upgrade to 3.3.5 today if I can find the time.
>William Hooper - Thank you for pointing me to this page, I was looking 
>around for this, but I think I was on a different VNC related website (not 
>realvnc) at the time and couldn't find it.  Better yet, it says this issue 
>is fixed in 3.3.5 now!  We'll see.  :)
>Michael Milette - Thank you for your diligent effort to reproduce, but 
>responses and a few things I've seen online lead me to believe it is 
>specific to running on a Win2k/XP server.  It is not an application 
>specific thing though.  See notes above, hopefully 3.3.5 will fix it like 
>it says it should.
>Greg Breland - Again to you, thanks for your observations.  I will let you 
>all know (hopefully today or tomorrow) if the 3.3.5 server fixes the problem.
>Andy Harter - Thanks for letting us know it has been released!  :)
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