Where is Jeff.Koenig + mail rules

Benjamin Watkins ben@constant-technologies.com
Thu Nov 7 17:16:01 2002

At 04:15 AM 11/7/2002 , you wrote:
>That's not the way to stop vacation replies. I can se Jeff uses a faulty
>vacation entigine for 2 reasons:
>- There is no trach on the source and the reply addresses of the messages.
>If it keeps track of those addresses, then the list would only see 1 (one)
>vacation message.
>- There is no 'this is a vacation' headerfield added. Most vacation systems
>add a header like 'Precedence: junk' to indicate the message is just
>informative. Most maillistengines have a filter on these headers so the list
>does not see any vacation message.

The vacation program I use will only respond to a message if:

1) My address appears in the To: or Cc: field.  This eliminates all mailing 
lists, as well as most spam.

2) No auto reply messages have been send to the sender of the original 
message in the past week.  This makes sure that you don't keep notifying 
someone that you are on vacation.

These options (especially the first one) should be standard in any sane 
vacation program.  I get the feeling this was not a standard vacation program.

That being said, I want to restore this list to being about VNC, and not 
mailing lists or vacation programs.  I don't particularly blame anyone for 
what happened, but I'm sure everyone has learned something in the 
process.  I would even welcome Jeff back to the list... I strongly doubt he 
will be using that vacation program again.  I assume he is a bit 
embarrassed about this whole fiasco.

-Ben :)